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If you recently purchased an Equus Gauge Kit or iEquus Performanceâ„¢ Gauge Kit you may notice that the bulbs included in the package do not match those described in the instructions. We are in the process of improving our gauge line to use a new replaceable O.E. (Original Equipment) style of light bulb. Please note that some of our gauges already include this change. If you recently received a Gauge Kit containing one of the new bulbs, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Technical Service Department at 1-800-544-4124 or though our Technical Support Contact Form.

Q: My fuel level gauge is not reading correctly, why?

A: There are two things that you need to make sure of when hooking up a fuel level gauge. First, do the ohm specifications of the sender match those of the gauge. Second, do both the sender and the gauge share a common ground. Fuel level gauges and senders work on units of resistance called ohms. If the gauge and sender are not matched in ohms then a false reading will be the result. To see if your gauge and sender are compatible you must check the ohms your sender shows at both full and empty. If these specifications do not match those of the gauge (listed below) then the two are not compatible. At that point you will either need to find a gauge to match your sender or a sender to match your gauge.

Gauge # Ohms at empty Ohms at full 7381 73 10 7382 0 90 7383 240 33

Q: How do I handle warranties, repairs or part replacements?

A: For part replacement, you can order online using Visa, MasterCard or Discover at or over the telephone at (800) 544-4124. When you call, a technician will tell you your total cost, at which point you may either provide us with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover number to purchase the part over the phone, or send us in a check or money order for the full amount (including shipping and handling). (Please be aware that no parts will be shipped to you until payment has been received) For warranty or repair, you must call the Tech. Support Dept. at the phone number listed above. When you call, you will need to know the product number you are calling about and be able to describe the problem you are having. The technician on the phone will first try to see if there is any troubleshooting that can be done on the phone. If your part needs to be sent in, the technician will then tell you the procedure for doing so and provide you with a reference number to tie in the phone conversation with the part you send in (you, the customer, are responsible for all shipping costs to get the part to the service center, as stated in the warranty). A photo copy of your proof of purchase that puts your part within its one year warranty is required for all no charge warranty repairs and replacements. For out of warranty repairs, please follow the same steps listed above. After receiving and testing your part, a technician will contact you to let you know if the unit is repairable and what the repair cost will be. (Please be advised that if you wish to have your part returned to you without being repaired you will be responsible for any and all return shipping charges)

Q: Where can I buy replacement light bulbs for the gauges you sell?

A: Replacement lights can be purchased directly through the iEquus / Innova Technical Service department via telephone or online at To order this or any other replacement part, please follow the directions stated in "How do I handle warranties, repairs or part replacements?"

Q: I just bought a water temperature / oil pressure gauge, where should I install the sending unit (electrical) / probe (mechanical)?

A: The sending unit / probe that comes with the gauge should be installed in the same place that the original equipment sending unit / probe was. In most cases the oil pressure sending unit / probe is located near the oil filter on the top rear portion of the engine. The temperature sending unit / probe is usually located on the cylinder head or by the thermostat housing. If you are unsure, you will need to consult a vehicle service manual to find out.

Q: Where's the best place to hook up my ammeter?

A: First and foremost, it is imperative that you find out what amperage your alternator is rated at. These ammeters are designed for use on vehicles with charging systems that put out 60 amps or less. Do not use this ammeter even if your alternator output is even 1 amp more than 60 amps. The additional amperage could destroy the gauge and possibly cause an electrical fire. If you find that alternator is rated for 60 amps or less, the best place to install this gauge is "in line" on the main feed wire into the fuse box. It should be installed with the "+" side toward the battery and the "-" side toward the fuse box.

Safety Precautions

Always observe safety precautions whenever working on a vehicle.

1. Always wear safety eye protection.
2. Only work on your vehicle in a well-ventilated area.
3. Put transmission in "park" (for automatic) or "neutral" (for manual). Set parking brake.
4. Put blocks on drive wheels.
5. Avoid moving fan blades or any potentially moving parts.
6. Avoid hot engine parts.
7. Turn off ignition before connecting (or disconnecting) any testing equipment.
8. Please read your vehicle's service manual and follow it's safety procedure.